VSA Ohio is a community that connects inspired artists with their passion, service providers with resources, and all citizens with creative opportunities. By bridging arts and disability, our programs and services constantly evolve to provide inclusive environments and accessible opportunities for people with disabilities to celebrate life through the arts. Founded in 1986, VSA Ohio advocates for accessibility and equality, advances careers in the creative sector, builds community, and improves the academic achievement of Ohio’s students through arts integration. VSA Ohio serves constituents across the lifespan, across Ohio, and across disability. 

VSA was long known as Very Special Arts. Words such as "special and "handicapped" do not reflect current language trends in the United States and many other countries. We are now VSA Ohio - The State Organization on Arts and Disability. We encourage everyone to embrace people-first language. Visit www.vsao.org to learn more about our arts-integration residency programming, the Accessible Expressions Ohio exhibit and tour, arts and autism initiative, ReelAbilities Film Festival and creative career development.


Source: www.vsao.org