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Zak Morgan

Artist's Narrative

Zak Morgan Grammy nominee Zak Morgan's unique brand of children's music delivers songs and poems with wit and charm that inspire and tickle the funny bones of children and adults alike. Morgan's writing is filled with rich vocabulary and wordplay, and he uses music and humor as vehicles to encourage children to read books, use their imaginations, and believe in themselves. Morgan has performed more than 2,000 concerts throughout the United States in schools, libraries and theaters since 1999 and his shows are always uplifting, educational, and fun for all ages.

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Upon request.
Fees listed are for Columbus-area schools. This artist is based in Cincinnati.

Programs Available

Zak Morgan (Grade levels K-5)
This highly interactive music and storytelling program is designed to exercise the imagination, encourage reading, and build self-esteem.

The show includes a high quality PA system, a professional backdrop and props.  90 minutes are required for load-in and setup.
Activity Options:
Zak Morgan
  • Duration: 50 min.
  • Fees: $550/ $300 each addt'l (includes travel from Cincinnati)
  • Requirements: One electrical outlet, 15'x15' stage, 3 bottles of water per show.

Zak Morgan Creative Writing Workshop (Grade levels PreK-5)
Examine the elements of a good story, delve into rhyme schemes and literary devices and explore the power of the imagination in a creative writing workshop using music and storytelling.
Activity Options:
Creative Writing Workshop
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Fees: $225/ $200 each addt'l (includes travel from Cincinnati)
  • Requirements: 36 students max.

Zak Morgan Creative Writing Residency (Grade levels K-8)
Like Zak Morgan's show, his residencies use music and storytelling to exercise the imagination and encourage reading. Students who have discovered the joy of reading will be invigorated, while those who have not will be enlightened. Students learn to identify the basic elements of a good story, such as plot, rising action, and climax. Then each class will write a story, turn it into a song, record the song, and make a CD.
Activity Options:
Creative Writing Residenecy
  • Duration: 1 week (5 sessions per group)
  • Fees: $2000 per group (minimum 2 groups) includes recording session and CD for each participating student. Lodging and travel not included.