Carole Gerber

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Carole Gerber loves nature, animals and people – especially little people – and her writing reflects these interests.  A former English teacher and advertising copywriter, she holds a B.S. in education and an M.A. in journalism from Ohio State. Her new picture books in spring 2013 are Seeds, Bees, Butterflies and More: Poems for Two Voices (Holt) and Spring Blossoms (Charlesbridge), the third poetry book in her trees series. Her other books include Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer (Pelican) and Little Red Bat (Sylvan Dell), both told in prose. Many of her books are written in verse and make learning about natural science fun for elementary students. These titles include Carole’s two new books, as well as Firefly Night, Blizzard, Arctic Dreams, Leaf Jumpers, and Winter Trees.  Carole’s chapter book for third- and fourth-graders, Through Children’s Eyes: Tales of Old Columbus, shares eight stories about local history. Her books have won awards from the Children’s Book Council, the National Science Teachers Association and the Parent Council.

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Programs Available


The ABCs of Children’s Books (Grade levels K-5 )
Beginning with a funny presentation on her creative process, students will learn how the author gets her ideas and polishes them (repeatedly) to craft a poem or story. They will see how a book is put together, including preliminary art work and text revisions to the finished product. Grades 3 and up will participate in a “poetry jam” that gets even reluctant students performing poems. Teachers may choose the grade-appropriate title they want her to present to students: Seeds, Bees, Butterflies and More: Poems for Two Voices; Spring Blossoms; Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer; Little Red Bat; Winter Trees; Leaf Jumpers; Arctic Dreams; Blizzard; Firefly Night; or Through Children’s Eyes: Tales of Old Columbus.  The author provides related writing and/or art lesson extensions and donates each book she presents to the school library.

NOTE: This presentation can be adapted to assembly-size groups.

Activity Options:

The ABCs of Children’s Books
  • Duration: 45 - 60 min.
  • Fees: $150/ class; $300/ assembly; $750/ full day (five class visits or one assembly and three class visits)



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