Conditions That Support High Quality Arts Education

The following survey includes the conditions and practices that create and sustain district-wide commitment to high performing arts education programs for all students. These practices were identified in a research study conducted by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and the Arts Education Partnership.

Determine how your district rates from 0 to 26 in its support for high quality arts education programs, by rating your district on the following scale for each condition:
0 - does not meet the condition
1 - somewhat meets the condition
2 - meets the condition


Conditions that Support Arts Education:

_____ 1) Influential segments of the community shape and implement arts education policies and programs.
_____ 2) The board of education sets a supportive policy framework and environment for the arts.
_____ 3) The superintendent articulates a vision for arts education.
_____ 4) The district has implemented a comprehensive arts education program aligned to Ohio’s Fine Arts Learning Standards.
_____ 5) There has been continuity in leadership to implement a comprehensive arts education program.
_____ 6) An arts education coordinator facilitates district-wide programs and support for arts education.
_____ 7) School principals support district policies for arts education for all students.
_____ 8) Policies and practices support professional development for teachers of the arts.
_____ 9) District leaders develop relationships with parents and community to ensure support for arts education.
_____ 10) Strong elementary arts programs create a strong foundation for system-wide arts programs.
_____ 11) Student needs in the arts are met through specialized programs (magnet schools, AP classes, etc.)
_____ 12) District leaders use national and state policies and programs to bolster local support for arts education.
_____ 13) The district promotes reflective practices at all levels to improve quality.

––––– TOTAL

26 Excellent
20-25 Effective
15-24 Continuous Improvement
10-14 Arts Academic Watch
0-13 Arts Academic Emergency

How does your district rate? What can you do to be a district Excellent in Arts Education?

What leadership skills, policies, resources, and data are needed to improve arts education in your district?

Will your board, superintendent, and administrators make arts education a priority?

What strategies will you use to make arts education a priority in your district?


The following strategies may be helpful to improve the quality of the arts education programs in your district and school:

1) Urge your local board of education to adopt Ohio’s Fine Arts Learning Standards.
2) Implement assessments in the arts aligned to standards in the arts.
3) Develop performance indicators to measure student achievement in the arts.
4) Include arts achievement on your school and district’s Local Report Card.
5) Use the arts as a strategy to close the achievement gap among students.
6) Work with parents, colleagues, and community to sustain support for the arts in your school and district.
7) Involve state lawmakers and policy makers in the arts in your district.
8) Make a personal commitment to advocate for the arts at the local, state, and national levels


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