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Advance Party

Artist's Narrative

 Advance Party Author, mentor, community-based activist and educator, Is Said provides sage leadership on a national level as well as in the greater Columbus arts community. He conceives, stages, writes, and performs unique multimedia arts events, combining visionary, historical-based poetry or prose synergistically with high-energy African music and dance. Founding the Columbus-based Advance Party in 1973, he brings to life a powerful, spiritual vision to inspire, inform, and empower diverse audiences. With an inclusive multicultural approach, Is Said serves formally and informally as consultant to many arts agencies and individuals, seeking his wisdom born of a lifetime of community experience. He shares his expertise with school age or homeless youth, growing artists, and senior citizens, conducting educational workshops fostering literacy, creativity, performance skills and, most importantly, self-awareness.


Upon request.
This artist is based in Columbus. Travel charges may apply for schools outside of the area.

Programs Available

Music, Poetry, Dance Assembly (Grade levels K-12)
Advance Party captivates students of all ages with their unique ;combination of music, dance, and poetry. Their presentation combines historical events with the social, political, and everyday life of urban and suburban peoples. This engaging assembly includes opportunities for audience participation.
Activity Options:
Poetry, Music, Dance Assembly
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Fees: $355
  • Requirements: Multi-purpose room, P.A. system

Mini-Performance Workshops (Grade levels K-12)

This activity is comprised of two workshops scheduled for the same week. The first workshop will include a mini-performance by select members of Advance Party, and then focus on developing the creative thought processes via poetry-writing, self-expression through oral communication and performance technique, and other creative ideas that emerge from students' everyday experiences. The second workshop will follow up on ideas written in the first workshop, and culminate in a student performance of their own poetry and music.

Activity Options:
Mini-Performance Workshops
  • Duration: two 45 min. sessions (scheduled within one week)
  • Fees: $305
  • Requirements: Classroom, chalk, paper, pencils 30 students max.

Storytelling (Grade levels K-12, Adult)

Is Said is a freelance storyteller, telling traditional and a contemporary stories for all ages from children to adults. His stories contain information for both entertainment and educational purposes. Is Said often engages the audience's participation in recounting his tales. This program will also include a mini workshop describing the use and ingredients of telling stories.

Activity Options:
  • Duration: 45-60 min.
  • Fees: $200