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Baba Jubal Harris

Artist's Narrative

Baba Jubal Harris Baba Jubal is a pioneer in the emerging field of Arts Integrated Education. For 25 years he has conducted artist residencies, performances, workshops, teacher in-service and professional development, that have made a substantial contribution to the cultural and educational life of communities throughout the State of Ohio and the United States. He has developed an innovative methodology that integrates art, science, math, music, social studies, dance, language, and history into the core curriculum.  His multiple intelligence approach is holistic in application, resulting in measurable improvement of student academic achievement. Above all his love of life and the joy of sharing his many creative talents inspire students to learn.

Recent Feedback from Schools

Baba Jubal Harris is a talented and captivating storyteller of African American tales. His interactive approach to storytelling engaged the students and held their interest.



Upon request.
Fees listed are for Columbus-area schools. This artist is based in Cleveland.

Programs Available

Artist in Residence (Grade levels K-12)
These offerings inspire the creative capacities in students that affect cognitive, social, and emotional development, thus enhancing their ability to make meaningful contributions to society. Students are inspired and experience success at every step in the learning process. There are no failures.

Curriculum tie-ins: SS, H, M, LA, SI, FA
Multiple intelligences: V/L, L/M, IA, IR, M/R, B/K, N

Options Include:

Global/ African Polyrhythmic Music This residency introduces the four major categories of musical instruments. Students make instruments and perform as an ensemble. Through songs and rhythms, they learn about geography and cultures of African countries. This residency fulfills national and state music standards. Grade levels 4-12

Arithmetic and Rhythm Sticks Baba uses songs, rhythm patterns and movement to teach counting, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, patterns, data collecting, and making predictions. Grade levels K-6

Storytelling/ Literacy The first step to literacy is listening to stories. By dramatizing African and African American folktales, students are inspired to read, write and develop vocabulary. Grade levels K-6

Solar Drummer
Students learn to create instrumental and vocal music that is recorded and replayed on a CD player powered by a solar panel that they assemble and operate. This residency integrates the science of photovoltaic energy with global music. Grade levels 6-12

Activity Options:
Artist in Residence
  • Duration: one day/ one week. Four contact sessions per day.
  • Fees: $650/day; $2000/ week (includes mileage)
  • Requirements: Pre-planning session. 25 students max./ workshop.

Storytelling Performance (Grade levels K-12)
Baba Jubal brings to life the oral tradition of storytelling. His highly interactive dramatization of African Folktales captivates and educates the audience. Songs, wise proverbs, drumming, and dance accompany each story. The entire audience joins in for the final celebration!

His repertory includes:

JaliMa Finds Trouble  The West African tale of JaliMa (jah-lee-ma), a young boy who learns the consequences of dishonesty and disobedience.

We Can Live Together In this folktale from southwestern Nigeria, Lion, Hyena, and Vulture learn the value of working in harmony and the importance of good character.

All Things Are Connected
What happens when an Oba or Ruler misuses his power and disregards wise council for personal gain? This story illustrates the necessity of living in harmony with nature.

Anasi Saves Akura Anansi, the resourceful spider from Ghana, West Africa, uses his intelligence, the spider, though small in stature, uses his intelligence, wit, and tiny size to save Akura the mouse from being eaten by Osibo the Tiger.

Activity Options:
Storytelling Performance
  • Duration: 45-60 min.
  • Fees: $450/$150 each addt'l, plus mileage from Cleveland ($90)

Baba Jubal Drum Making Workshop (Grade levels 4-12)

The purpose of this workshop is to engage students in an arts-integrated learning experience that utilizes visual and performing art as vehicles for creative self- expression.

Students will learn how to make a personal frame drum using the principles of design to decorate it. Students will use geometry to draw Adinkra symbols from Ghana; these symbols communicate the collective wisdom of the Akan People. Next students learn to play using the Baba Jubal Polyrhythm Drum Method. Finally, students learn dance movements while playing their drums and singing.

Activity Options:
Baba Jubal Drum Making Workshop
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Fees: $350 plus $7/student for supplies (price break available on drum kits if your group greater than 50), plus mileage from Cleveland ($90)
  • Requirements: Pre-planning session