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Hasu Patel

Artist's Narrative

Hasu Patel Hasu Patel, a disciple of sitar legend Ustad Vilayat Khan Sahib, is one of the few world-class female musicians performing on sitar, the most popular string instrument of India. As a performer, composer and educator, she has dedicated her life to preserving and propagating the traditional music of ancient India in its pristine purity.

It is her vision to instill this ancient art of music to children who may carry this to the next generation and keep this music alive for centuries to come.

Her playing on sitar replicates the fluidity and subtle nuances of the human voice. Her CD, Gayaki Sitar, has been called a "transcendental experience."

She is a performing artist in the presenting/ touring program for the Ohio Arts Council, Mid-Atlantic Art Alliance, a board member of the International Alliance of Women in Music and a member of The Children's Music Network. She conducts workshops (lectures and demonstrations), and performs raga sangeet for schools and universities, performing arts centers, music conferences, classical dance performances, radio, television, churches, temples, meditation centers and music festivals. Her concerts have captivated audiences at Woodstock Music Festival, the Chicago Jazz Festival and Rheinberger Chamber Hall of the Cleveland Orchestra. She was invited to perform sitar concert and music workshops at the 2008 Beijing International Congress on Women in Music at the Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China.

In 2008, Hasu composed and performed her world premiere of Sitar Concertos based on Indian Classical ragas with Doctors Orchestra of Houston, Texas and the Orchestra of Canton, Michigan. This unique milestone made history in the world of western orchestral music. Currently, the music of Sitar Concertos is being played on many National Public Radio stations across the US and Canada.

Shiva's Dance International of Cleveland, OH recognized Hasu with an award of excellence for her outstanding contribution to the performing arts and public service. In March 2008, she was honored at the 8th Annual Women Composers' Festival of Hartford as one of the "Women of the World - International Guest Composers." In January 2009, the NRI (Non Resident Indians) Welfare Society of India honored her with the prestigious "Hind Rattan Award" for her outstanding services, achievements, and contributions in the field of music. She teaches the classical music of India on sitar, tabla and vocal music to area students at her Sursangam School of Music and also at Oberlin College. Hasu goes to India regularly to teach music to orphan children. She holds music degrees with honors and awards.

For more than a decade, she has performed the music of India in many greater Columbus and Cleveland school districts, and also travels to Canada to teach music to under-served children.

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Upon request.
Fees listed are for Columbus-area schools. This artist is based in Cleveland.

Programs Available

Sitar/Tabla Music- Rare and Sacred Music Workshop (Grade levels K-12)
This hands-on workshop is designed to help students discover the classical music of India. The artist and her accompanist will demonstrate how to play the sitar and tabla, as well as how to sing different scales in Indian music and how to recite the talas (rhythms) played on tabla. Students should bring their own instruments, and will learn to play different Indian ragas (melodies) on them. The emphasis of this workshop is to generate interest in World music. Students with a background in Western music will be able to compare both styles of music.

The artist welcomes the opportunity to tailor the workshop to school curricular needs. Handouts will be distributed to teachers for students.
Activity Options:
Sitar/Tabla Workshop
  • Duration: 45-60 min.
  • Fees: $400/ $650 for two back-to-back, plus mileage (from Westlake, OH)
  • Requirements: classroom/auditorium with clean and clear stage; 8'X 12' clean area rug; PA system with 2-3 microphones

Classical Music Demonstration/ Performance (Grade levels K-12)

This unique and innovative program on the music of India is intended to promote cultural awareness, creativity and self-esteem in students from elementary through high school levels. It will enhance greater understanding of the rare and sacred classical music of ancient India.

The artist and her accompanist will discuss/ demonstrate/ perform:
1. History of India: diversity in cultures, food, dress and languages
2. Instruments of India: sitar, tabla (pair of drums) and harmonium will be explained and discussed
3. Music of India: playing different melodies known as raga sangeet on sitar accompanied with tabla; voice demonstration of notes on harmonium
4. Student Participation: students will sing and recite talas (rhythms) played on tabla
5. Western Music: comparison between Western and Indian music systems; children's songs will be played on sitar (students will actively participate)
6. Playing mini version of concert music on sitar and tabla
7. Q & A
8. Close up view of instruments

Activity Options:
Classical Music Demonstration/Performance
  • Duration: 45-60 min.
  • Fees: $400/ $650 for two back-to-back, plus mileage (from Westlake, OH)
  • Requirements: classroom/auditorium with clean and clear stage; 8'X 12' clean area rug; PA system with 2-3 microphones