Arts Education HQPD

Arts Education HQPD (High Quality Professional Development) will broaden the dissemination of Alliance resources by engaging arts educators in workshops convened around the state.  In 2013 educators (arts educators, classroom teachers, teaching artists, and administrators) will be able to access professional development in assessment, integration, standards based arts instruction, the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, and the development of Student Learning Objectives (SLO).


GOAL 1:  To provide high quality professional development to arts educators, classroom teachers, administrators, and teaching artists in local, regional, and statewide workshops throughout Ohio.

Outcome: Participants will gain new skills, knowledge, and understanding which leads to a higher level of quality arts education instruction for their students.

GOAL 2:  To empower educators to collaborate in order to align and deliver standards-based instruction.

Outcome: Arts education instruction will include integration of the arts and other academic content standards.

GOAL 3: To provide basic (first year participants) and advanced (second year participants) professional learning to educators at an entry level aligned to their needs, while advancing the level of participation and development of instructional products.

Outcome: Participants will own their learning and develop new instructional resources for use with their students.

For more information about how the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education can provide professional development services for you and your colleagues, contact us at 614.224.1060.