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In 2003, the Ohio State-Based Collaborative Initiative organized a two-day artist training seminar designed to develop the skills of artists and arts educators in planning professional development workshops for teachers. Participants examined a process for planning, presenting and evaluating workshops for teachers; identified parts of their work with students that teachers could learn to do; and began to develop a proposal/outline for a workshop for teachers. This national format was developed to model the best practices of professional development presentation and has proven highly effective in helping teachers integrate arts processes into their teaching.


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Members of the Ohio State-Based Collaborative Initiative:

  • Ohio Partners in Education
    The Kennedy Center Partners in Education Program brings community arts and school partners together to present professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators, and parents focused on teaching about the arts, teaching other subject areas through the arts, and teaching about cultural diversity.

    As America’s national center for the performing arts, and as a leader in the development of arts education policy and programming, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is committed to developing education resources and programs to share with arts organizations and schools across the country.

    Since 1976, the Kennedy Center has presented Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers to explore the potential the arts have for enhancing every student’s education. In 1991, as an outgrowth of this program, the Kennedy Center initiated the Partners in Education program. Responding to requests from the Partners in Education teams across the country, the Kennedy Center developed a competitive grant program for collaborative arts education projects that extend professional development and other Kennedy Center resources through a state-based distribution system.
  • The Ohio Alliance for Arts Education
  • The Ohio Arts Council
  • VSA Arts of Ohio