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Yasue Sakaoka

Artist's Narrative

Yasue Sakaoka Yasue Sakaoka has been active in and out of Columbus giving lectures, workshops, exhibitions, doing commissions and residencies. Work she has done in collaboration with school groups can be found at Columbus Academy, McKnight School (Pittsburgh, PA), Triad School (Mechanicsburg), Stivers School for the Arts (Dayton), and Sherman School (Toledo). She holds a B.A. from Reed College, Certificate of Artists from Portland Museum Art School (Oregon), and a M.F.A. from the University of Oregon. In recent years, she has done work towards a Ph.D. in Comparative Arts at Ohio University. She is currently a lecturer in The Ohio State University Continuing Education Program. Before coming to Ohio, she taught in higher education, chaired an art department, and directed community and youth programs.

Recent Feedback From Schools
"We had 24 children ages 6-7 around a table engaged with their hands, hearts, and minds for two hours. This is not typical in any way. They were challenged, at times frustrated, but they pushed through and continued to try/succeed. They helped each other. They asked for help. It was valuable time in so many ways. Yasue took her time, and shared her skills/knowledge with us. She left many additional materials for our classroom to use. I would gladly invite her back again."



Upon request.
This artist is based in Columbus. Travel charges may apply for schools outside of the area.

Programs Available

Traditional Japanese Origami (Grade levels K-12)

The goal is for students to learn how to do origami foldings. Each student attempts and completes several types of folds. A digital presentation can be added to show the variety of possibilities in adopting Origami ideas for full-scale projects. "One Thousand Cranes" can be made to send to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Japan or to install in school. Cultural discussions on Japan adds special interest to young age groups.

Activity Options:
Traditional Japanese Origami
  • Duration: 50 min.
  • Fees: $150 per day, with a maximum of 4 hours or 4 lessons per visit.
  • Requirements: Classroom materials. Glue. Maximum 4 classes per visit.

Creative Kite-Making (Grade levels 3-12)

This lesson presents an array of visual materials along with examples of a variety of kites to demonstrate how kites can be made in visually attractive ways. A discussion of some basic artistic and safety requirements for a kite-fly is held. Each student finishes a kite and then test flies it. For a beginner, a simple kite is suggested. For students with some experience, creative kite-making is recommended. Kites from various cultural traditions can be studied in this project.

Activity Options:
Creative Kite-Making
  • Duration: 60-70 min.
  • Fees: $150 per day, with a maximum of 4 hours or 4 lessons per visit.
  • Requirements: Classroom, tools & materials. Maximum 4 classes per visit.

Paper Sculpture (Grade levels 3-12)

CD visual demonstration shows how the artist works with paper to create full scale two- and three-dimensional works. Each student then tries actual paper construction to see how he/she can develop ideas for completing a work. Usually, a student finishes one work in a fifty-minute class. Group projects can be done with students in small groups of grade 6-12.

Activity Options:
Paper Sculpture
  • Duration: 50-75 min.
  • Fees: $150 per day, with a maximum of 4 hours or 4 lessons per visit.
  • Requirements: Classroom, tools & materials. Maximum 4 classes per visit.

Public Sculpture: Group Project (Grade levels 6-12)
The aim is for students to learn the value of group work and to complete a sculpture of some scale. Both indoor and outdoor installations are possible pending age group, number of students participating, time frame, and material availability. Any traditional and non-traditional material can be used. Any scale can be considered.
Activity Options:
Public Sculpture: Group Project
  • Duration: Time frame will be discussed in keeping with school schedule
  • Fees: $150 per day, with a maximum of 4 hours or 4 lessons per visit.
  • Requirements: Space, materials. Maximum 4 classes per visit.

Appreciation of Sculpture (Any age)
Objective is to increase awareness, knowledge and appreciation of this less understood form of visual art. Discussions evolve around cultural concepts, media, style and techniques. Both historical and contemporary works of significance will be discussed.
Activity Options:
Appreciation of Sculpture
  • Duration: 50 min.
  • Fees: $85
  • Requirements: Classroom, projector and a screen