Franklin County Neighborhood Arts Grants

FCNA Overview

Franklin County Neighborhood Arts Overview

The Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program recognizes the value of arts activities of an essentially recreational, avocational or therapeutic nature and is designed to help support these activities. Whether it's participating directly in the production of visual art, literature, music, theatre, or dance; attending local arts events such as live performances, festivals, and exhibitions; or participating in educational workshops, classes, seminars, it's clear people of all walks of life and all ages throughout Franklin County want more arts experiences!


The Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program is a partnership designed to support artistic development within a wide variety of organizations and improve the aesthetics and quality of life in neighborhoods throughout Franklin County. This program directly impacts a variety of deserving audiences at a time when interest in leisure, cultural enrichment, and continuing education is growing by leaps and bounds.


The Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program is financially assisted by the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Ohio Arts Council. Views expressed by the program and its grant recipients do not necessarily represent those of the program funders.


Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines

The Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program assists a variety of neighborhood and community groups (including, but not limited to: amateur and avocational groups, traditional arts organizations, civic and neighborhood associations, guilds, social service, youth-centered, and cultural organizations) with arts projects in all arts disciplines, provided they are promoted and offered to the general public. The purpose of the Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program is to increase community participation in the arts throughout Franklin County.

In addition to the completed application form, you must submit a detailed project budget and one letter of support for your project from a program partner or supporting organization. Please do not include any other printed materials, CD's, videotapes, or audiotapes; these materials will not be reviewed or returned. All applications must be completed in hard copy and delivered by mail or in person. Applications will not be accepted by e-mail or fax. Requests will be reviewed by the Franklin County Neighborhood Arts advisory committee.

Requests must be received (not postmarked) by the date below for consideration, and any requests received after the deadline may be held for the next cycle. Projects cannot begin before the specified project start date for any given round, but there is no set date for project completion. In general, funded projects will take no longer than 12-18 months to complete.


There will be three rounds of funding in 2018:

Application deadline: last business day of February
For projects starting after: May 15
Award notification date: April 15

Application deadline: last business day of May
For projects starting after: August 15
Award notification date: July 15

Application deadline: last business day of October
For projects starting after: January 15
Award notification date: December 15


Application support: Guidelines for how to write a project budget and how to write a letter of support are available on our website. Although we do not review draft applications, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us at 614-224-1060 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Applications must be in our office by the deadline date.

Submit completed application to:

Franklin County Neighborhood Arts
Community Arts Education Program Office
Ohio Alliance for Arts Education
77 South High Street, 2nd Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108
Phone: 614.224.1060


Note for those wishing to drop off their application in person:

Our office is on the 2nd floor of the Riffe Center, in a suite of administrative offices designed for the Riffe Theatres that is separate from the main building.

To get here, first go to the 3rd floor (from the High Street entrance take the escalators up one level; from the State Street entrance take one of the elevators to the left of the guard station up to 3), and then take the ‘Riffe Theatre Offices’ elevator down to 2. (This elevator is located at the back of the bank of elevators serving floors 7-19, and is specially signed.)

You will need to provide a state-issued ID to obtain a Visitor’s Pass to enter the Riffe Center. Please note the Riffe Center DOES NOT ALLOW BACKPACKS IN THE BUILDING, although purses, briefcases, and rolling bags are permitted.



The Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program provides funding for arts projects employing any discipline of the visual or performing arts.  Funds will be issued only to organizations, not to individuals. Franklin County Neighborhood Arts funding is for specific project support only, not for operating support. The FCNA program does not award grants for capital improvements, and the program in general, will not award funds for large equipment purchases whose useful life will extend well beyond the completion of the project (i.e.: computers, digital cameras, sewing machines, etc.).

The Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program assists a variety of neighborhood and community groups (including, but not limited to: amateur and avocational groups, traditional arts organizations, civic and neighborhood associations, guilds, social service, youth-centered, and cultural organizations) with arts projects in all arts disciplines, provided they are promoted and offered to the general public. Projects that are accessible to people of all cultural backgrounds, economic status, sexual orientation, age and physical ability will receive higher priority. Other priority funding criteria include arts projects involving organization partnerships, projects that target underserved populations and/or geographic areas within the county, and projects in which large numbers of beneficiaries may participate.  Applications that describe cash and in-kind matching funds will be viewed more favorably. The maximum award is $2,000. Please note that in the interest of providing support to a number of organizations, the FCNA program typically grants partial awards; in 2016 the average award was about $600.

Religious organizations are eligible to apply for Franklin County Neighborhood Arts funding. Projects should be ecumenical or secular in nature, and open and promoted to the general public beyond the congregation of the applying organization. OAAE cannot fund projects when the purpose or content of the project is to advance a religious ideology.

Commercial, for-profit businesses or enterprises are ineligible.  Franklin County Neighborhood Arts will not fund organizations or projects with a primary impact outside of Franklin County.

K-12 schools and universities are eligible for funding, but school-based projects must demonstrate how proposed projects will provide students with a unique arts-based experience that extends beyond the reach of traditional in-school instruction. Projects must offer students the opportunity for in-depth engagement with the arts; funding will not be awarded for singular arts experiences, such as assembly programs or field trips. Funding is not available to supplement regular instructional programming (teacher salaries, instrument purchases, etc.).  School-based projects must include some component that is accessible to the general public beyond the school community. Preference will be given to projects that are designed as school-community partnerships.

Franklin County Neighborhood Arts funds cannot be used to support projects that are fundraising events. Projects with a start date that precedes the Franklin County Neighborhood Arts award notification date are ineligible for funding.

Please note that the Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program is not intended to be a recurring funding source for organizations, as one of the goals of the program is to distribute funds across the many geographic regions and cultural communities of Franklin County. In general, organizations can only receive one grant per calendar year. Recurring projects (e.g., an annual summer music festival) will not be funded beyond two consecutive years. Organizations may apply for funding for new projects from year to year, but applicants should make sure to explore all possible avenues for funding and sustainability.

Grant Terms

Grant Terms

Organizations receiving funds through the Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program must acknowledge support through the placement of the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education logo on all project-related printed materials, including websites. Verbal acknowledgment must be given where printed acknowledgment is not possible.

Organizations receiving funds through the Franklin County Neighborhood Arts program must submit a brief final report on the funded project, including actual date(s) of occurrence, project outcomes, summary of expenditures paid for with awarded funds, photo documentation of project, and evaluation results including audience/beneficiary feedback, within 30 days of its completion.


Forms & Logos

Forms & Logos


Franklin County Neighborhood Arts Application






Grant Guidelines




Project Budget Guidelines




Letter of Support Guidelines





Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request .eps versions of the OAAE logo.


Logo colors (hex):

  • #6C779D Medium tone
  • #114578 Dark tone
  • #CCCCCC Light tone

 Logo colors (CMYK):

  • (31, 24, 0, 38) Medium tone
  • (86, 43, 0, 53) Dark tone
  • (0, 0, 0, 20) Light tone






Final Report Form




Past Grantees

Past Grantees 

2017 Round 3 

Boys & Girls Club - $500
Momentum Dance at J Ashburn Jr. Boys & Girls Club 

Capriccio Columbus - $750
Mozart's Requiem 

Columbus Folk Music Society - $600
Central Ohio Folk Festival 

Gahanna Lincoln High School - $500
Herb N Arts Fair 

Hixon Dance - $500
False Prophets 

Maroon Arts Group - $750
Present the Power: Inside the Riot 

McConnell Arts Center of Worthington - $750
Depth of Field 

VSA Arts of Ohio - $750
Reelabilities Film Festival


2017 Round 2

Columbus Cultural Arts Center - $500
The Sight of Music
Framed by a nod to synesthesia, "The Sight of Music" will present visual arts representations of the aural arts that provide a lens through which to explore how we interact with music as a central aspect of our humanity. 

Genesis of Good Samaritans Ministries - $500
United We Stand: Community Arts Festival
Block party event bringing together the local community in a celebration of love, peace and unity. 

In Motion: Movement Class for Adults over 50 - $500
In Motion Around Columbus
12-week dance program for adults over 50 designed to build coordination, strength, flexibility and creative skills, as well as develop community in adults over 50. 

New Vision Dance - $500
Come Together
New Vision pays tribute to the Fab Four with a brand new stage spectacular inspired by the music of the Beatles. This upbeat fall program includes new works. 

Sacred Music LLC - $500
Tarana: Performing Arts Festival
Tarana is designed to bring the central Ohio community an experience of the music and culture of India, and the two days will include workshops, a music competition, and a concert. 

The Visible Invisible - $500
A City-Wide Gallery Show
Showcase of comics created by homeless youth, do be displayed during Cartoon Crossroads in September. 


2017 Round 1

Actors' Theatre of Columbus - $500
Shakespeare Underground
A new take on Shakespeare's plays, this project combines guerrilla street theater and traditional Elizabethan staging methods. Actors are given their scripts - consisting only of their lines and their cue lines - the night before the show. The result is a lively, unpredictable, staging of Shakespeare's classics.

Friends of the Ravines - $500
Nature's Impressions
Annual art contest for Franklin County students; visual art and poetry submissions must relate to ravine ecosystems. The contest serves to educate students about the organization's goals of ravine protection and restoration.

Jefferson Avenue Center - $750
Mandela Day
Global day of celebration honoring South African President Nelson Mandela. Jefferson Avenue Center tenant organizations will create a day of celebration serving area residents.

John Burroughs PTA - $500
John Burroughs Arts Festival
The annual arts festival is designed to engage the students and the community in a variety of art and art making aspects: commerce (selling their products), leadership skills (instructing in the craft area), exposure to music, and interaction with professional artists.

Kimball Farms Civic Association - $500
Kimball Farms Community Love Fest
Monthly music event designed to connect area residents with social services in the areas of health, housing, and education.

Kingston Crossing, Chatterton Garden, Walnut Bluff Blockwatch - $500
Health and Wellness Music For Your Soul
Once a month over the summer KCWB neighbors will be invited to enjoy an outdoor concert featuring a variety of local musicians. The series will provide a platform for health and wellness organizations to share information about their services with area residents.

Movement Afoot - $500
Count Us In
Annual concert performance featuring tap dance, live music, and guest artists.

Second Sight Project Inc. - $500
Bloom Where Planted: Hands-On Installation Artwork
Second Sight Project will partner with students from Central High School to create a sculptural work to be installed at their facility. The sculpture will be designed in such a way that many hands can contribute to its realization. After creating the sculpture's base framework at Central, the work will be brought to local community events where other area residents may take part in creating the final product.

Southfield Reunion Committee - $500
Southfield Reunion
Annual community festival featuring performances and activities. The event draws prior residents from across the country and globe.

Summer Jam West - $750
Summer Jam - Movin' & Groovin' Mural
90' x 13' public art mural on wall along the newly-paved Camp Chase Trail in the Hilltop neighborhood of Columbus.

Weinland Park Sewing Circle - $500
Weinland Park Sewing Circle 2017
The Sewing Circle meets once a month at two different venues. Activities are planned according to each participant's creative goals. The Circle provides an opportunity to learn new skills while sewing fun projects for all ages and skill levels.


2016 Round 3  

Chamber Music Connection - $750
CMC meets CCS
Southwood Elementary's strings program will arrange their students into small chamber groups, who will meet with CMC faculty/ students twice a month over the course of the Spring semester, with culminating performances for the school community and the nearby Reeb Avenue Center, which houses several community agencies.

Helping Hands Health & Wellness Center - $500
Art in the Garden Project
In alignment with their mission, Helping Hands maintains a community garden to provide clients with nutritious food to support their health and well being. This project will provide clients waiting in the office for healthcare services the opportunity to take part in small crafts projects that will go towards creating a sculptural work that will be displayed in the garden.

King Arts Complex - $500
Aminah Robinson Family Day
Day of participatory arts activities for children and families honoring the legacy of Columbus artist, Aminah Robinson.

McConnell Arts Center of Worthington - $500
Mac on the Move
Series of roving arts classes reaching out to community partners serving low-income children.

Natya Nirvana - $500
Three day workshop concluding with a performance.

Ohio History Connection - $750
Bhutanese-Nepali Neighbors: Photographs by Tariq Tarey
This photographic exhibition tells the stories of Bhutanese refugees in Columbus. A number of accompanying cultural events produced over the course of the exhibition will provide additional opportunities for the greater Columbus community to learn about the Bhutanese-Nepali community, and the refugee experience.

OhioDance - $500
Ohio Statehouse Summer Lawn Series
Annual performance of a variety of local dancers and dance organizations, a part of the Ohio Statehouse's Summer Fridays at the Statehouse concert series.

The Miracle Garden - $573
Parcels to Projects Mural Contest
Contest to produce large-scale artwork to be placed on garden sheds in two Linden-area community gardens.

The Spirituality Network, Inc - $500
Arti Gras! A Celebration of Art and Spirit
Arti Gras! Is intended to help people recognize that as human beings, they are creative and to give them an opportunity for hands-on exploration of creativity. The event focuses on engaging in the creative process rather than on the finished product.

Westerville Concert Band - $500
Children's Concert
The theme of this year's Children's Concert is 'Animals;' the concert will be produced in partnership with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.


2016 Round 2

Capriccio Columbus - $1,000
Handel's Messiah
All-brass arrangement of Handel's orchestral piece, presented in collaboration with the Brass Band of Columbus.

Duxberry Park Arts IMPACT Elementary School - $700
Community Cardboard Challenge
Annual event celebrating child creativity and the role communities can play in fostering it.

Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services - $1,000
New American Festival
This festival fills a cultural need for refugee, immigrant, and asylee communities. The event provides an opportunity to share participants' rich cultures with family, friends, and the larger community.

Genesis of Good Samaritans Ministries - $400
Faith United Against Violence Gospel Arts Festival
One-day event bringing together a diverse community in a celebration of love, peace, and unity.

Kate Schulte Foundation - $750
2016 5th Annual Hot Times Kate Schulte Tribute
Series of concerts and workshops at local jazz venues, culminating with a final performance on the main stage of the annual Hot Times Festival.

Ohio Art League - $750
The Thumb Box Exhibition
An annual event dating back to 1916, the exhibition provides an inclusive forum that breaks barriers for artists and collectors. All member artists of all levels have the opportunity to exhibit, sell work, and connect through the Thumb Box show.

Sacred Music LLC - $750
Raag-Taal: Indian Performing Arts Workshop and Concert
A two-day event exploring classical, folk and contemporary music, dance and storytelling from South Asia.


2016 Round 1

ARC Industries - $510
Community Clay Art Piece Project
Community clay art piece to be created by the citizens of Groveport, under the guidance of teaching artists from Bixby Sunapple Studios, for installation in Groveport's Town Hall. 

Arts Council of Westerville - $700
Community Concert Bands and Art Festival
Free, day long presentation of eight-ten premier central Ohio community bands performing in beautiful Alum Creek Park and Amphitheater. 

Columbus Cultural Arts Center - $750
Dare to be Heard
An exhibition of works by more than 20 women artists focused on education the community about the perception of women artists and the challenges shaping their creative identities. 

Huckleberry House - $500
Castor & Pollux Redux
Production of a 10 minute video created by youth in Huck House's Transitional Living Program; students will write, direct and shoot a short film telling the story of a homeless teen as he moves from couch-surfing, to transitional programs, and onto life as an independent young adult. 

Kingston Crossing, Chatterton Garden, Walnut Bluff Blockwatch - $500
Music for the Soul
Community music festival hosted at a variety of venues in the KCWB neighborhood. The area lacks public spaces for people to gather, and so the music series will provide residents with a valuable opportunity to meet, socialize, and strengthen community bonds. 

Short North Civic Association - $750
Goodale Park Music Series
Summer series of six free Sunday afternoon concerts at the gazebo in Goodale Park. 

Summer Jam Westgate - $500
Summer Jam Westgate & the Fantastic Food Garden
Annual Arts & Music festival within the Hilltop community. 

VSA Arts of Ohio - $750
Arts & Autism Conference 2016
Statewide convening of institutions and individuals engaged in practice and research on arts and autism. 

Wild Goose Creative - $500
Wild Goose Creative Neighborhood Art Show and Porch Festival
Two events designed to connect neighbors through the arts: a porch festival in which neighbors are encouraged to turn their front porch into an art space, and a gallery show drawing on the work of neighborhood artists.


2015 Round 3

Actors' Theatre of Columbus - $600
Supportive Shakespeare
Through the use of modern language and abbreviated stories, Actors' Theatre has created a collection of theatrical pieces to bring into the community. This project presents these plays to residents of the Commons at Buckingham, a supportive housing facility.

Dublin Arts Council - $1,000
Yarn Over Dublin
DAC, in partnership with the City of Dublin and Knitting Temptations, will facilitate a series of fiber art classes targeting local senior citizens, to create small artworks to be installed in parks and community spaces for International Yarn Bombing Day.

John Burroughs PTA - $400
John Burroughs Arts Faire
The Burroughs Arts Fair will support student learning and engagement in their surrounding community in a variety of ways: arts making; commerce; leadership skills; and exposure to professional artists.

Natya Nirvana - $600
Kala Sangam
Dance performance celebrating World Dance Day, demonstrating the commonalities between Northern and Southern Indian dance forms.

Second Sight Project Inc. - $800
Sign House Community Mural and Exterior Art
Led by neighborhood artists, this project will provide exterior artwork for a new facility of this Franklinton arts organization.

The Spirituality Network - $750
16th Annual Arti Gras
Annual ecumenical celebration of creativity and spirituality.


2015 Round 2

Buckeye Ranch - $300
Buckeye Ranch Intercultural Festival
This annual event was created to ensure the delivery of culturally competent services. The goal is to enhance exposure to, and an appreciation and understanding of difference depicted through food and visual and performing arts.

Maroon Arts Group - $500
A Real "Nigga" Show
A choreopoem collection of short stories sharing the experiences and opinions of how one word can take on many different meanings.

McConnell Arts Center of Worthington - $500
Café Mac
Partnering with local musicians, the MAC offers free music, coffee and wifi every Tuesday night in our main gallery space. Set in a gallery filled with local artwork, neighborhood music lovers, friends, and casual MAC attendees find the halls filled with music every Tuesday night.

Positively Clintonville - $475
The Art of Civility
The Positively Clintonville group will work with art classes in local middle schools to develop posters/ materials promoting the concept of civility. Student work will be displayed in a variety of community venues.

Roy G Biv Gallery - $750
Exhibition of the best cutting-edge photography, video and digital art by Ohio artists. ImageOHIO will showcase 20-25 up-and-coming artists, and will offer several educational opportunities for students at Fort Hayes (the exhibition site) and for the public.

Sacred Music LLC - $600
Raag-Taal: Indian Performing Arts Workshop And Concert
Bringing together diverse performing arts on one stage, the concert will highlight the ancient heritage of India, providing a rare opportunity to experience the three primary classical dance forms of India, and the diverse traditions of North and South Indian classical music. 

The STEAM Factory at The Ohio State University - $500
STEAMart Project for Collaborative Community Engagement in Research
Collaboration with a local artist to offer children's art activities at a biweekly market. Art activities will be designed to help reinforce concepts presented in the STEAM Factory outreach presentations at the market. 

Thurber House - $500
Thurber High School Library Program
Partnering with local libraries, the Thurber House educational programming features library based creative writing workshops.


2015 Round 1

Canal Winchester Art Guild - $500
Canal Winchester Mural Project Phase 2
CWAG, in partnership with the local business community, has produced a series of large scale reproductions of members'artwork to display on downtown buildings. Phase 2 of this project will replace aging pieces, and promote additional artists.

Djun'Kendafala Dance Company - $500
Naari Reo' Bolodon Benn
The Djun'Kendafala Drum & Dance Conference provides a forum through which diverse youth, communities and organizations link together in a collective effort to present, educate, preserve and represent folkloric dances of the African Diaspora.

Dublin Arts Council - $750
Eddie Adams: Vietnam
Exhibition of photographs by Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Eddie Adam, held during the 50th Vietnam War Commemoration Year.

Friends of the Ravines - $600
Franklin County Ravine Art Contest
Contest showcasing 2D artwork and poetry.

Green Lawn Abbey Preservation Association - $400
Summer on the Lawn
Offered to the public for a nominal fee and to area residents at no charge, the Summer on the Lawn movie series draws attendance from the immediate neighborhood and beyond.

New Albany Symphony Orchestra - $500
Remembering Marvin Hamlisch
"Remembering Marvin Hamlisch" will provide a platform to engage the local community in the arts, as well as provide high-level musical enrichment to all that attend. The performance will consist of two concerts; New Albany's children's choir is a collaborating partner; Marvin's longtime friend and photographer will provide photographs that will be projected above the orchestra during the concert, and Marvin's friend and music director Ernie Green has been providing input on the program and logistics for the concert.

OhioDance - $750
Multicultural Dance at the Ohio Statehouse
OhioDance presents a dance performance at one of the Ohio Statehouse Summer Lawn Series events. This annual performance opportunity supports 30-60 dance artists and makes their work accessible to the public.

Shepard Academy - $300
Shepard Academy Summer Program
Students in the six-week summer program will learn the art of storytelling during a four-day artist residency. The artist will use the story of Shepard's history to teach storytelling, and the value of knowing your personal story.

The Raven's Farmers Market - $600
Music At The Market
A local DJ/ music educator and local school music groups will provide performances at this weekly farmers market. These performances will be interactive, and a great way to introduce a variety of music genres to the community and encourage people to want to learn to play as well.

VSA Arts of Ohio - $750
Reelabilities Film Festival: Columbus
Columbus is one of 14 cities hosting the ReelAbilities travelling program, a groundbreaking film festival promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories, and artistic expressions of people with different disabilities.

Westerville Symphony at Otterbein College - $500
Sounds of Summertime Sadness: Romeo & Juliet
As a part of the annual Community Concerts series, the Westerville Symphony will present a program of numerous versions of the tragic tale Romeo & Juliet, augmented by actors from Otterbein University's Department of Theatre.



Arts Council of Westerville - $500
Rock the 'Ville
Arts and music festival in Uptown Westerville.

Djun'Kendafala Dance Company - $500
Sonoma the Leader
Performance at the Djun'Kendafala Children Drum & Dance Conference.

Drake Oration Company - $500
Crabapple Night
Theatrical production.

Dublin Arts Council - $500
The Decent of this Water: Rain
Site-specific, outdoor, contemporary dance project.

Footsteps Dance Company - $500
Confessions of a Bully
Socio-dance production addressing the effects of bullying.

German Village Garten Club - $500
Frank Fetch Park Third Sunday Concert Series
concert series

Harrison West Jazz Stage - $500
Harrison West Jazz Stage
Late summer concert series.

New Harvest Urban Arts Center - $500
An American Narrative

Olde Towne Arts Association - $500
Olde Towne East George Bellows Mural
Mural reproduction of George Bellows' Riverfront No. 1.

Open Door Art Studio - $500
Open Door Art Studio 2014 Exhibitions
exhibition series

Summer Jam Westgate - $500
Summer Jam Westgate
Community arts and music festival.

Tawi Family Village - $500
Malcom X Celebration
Community celebration on the life and legacy of Malcom X.


2013 Round 3

Asian American Community Services - $1,000
Westside Community Youth Art Galleria
Series of arts classes for neighborhood youth.

Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio - $500
"Reconnecting" Therapeutic Drum Circle
Four sessions of therapeutic drumming offered at various locations throughout Columbus.

GOREE Drum and Dance - $1,000
KI FETCH: May Ma Jaam
Community event celebrating the impact art has on promoting peace in our community.

John Burroughs PTA - $750
John Burroughs Art Faire
Student-led art fair, in which students will be afforded opportunities to develop creative, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills.

Natya Nirvana - $600
Raag Taal, Explore the Melody and Rhythm in Indian Classical Music and Dance
Cultural performance introducing India's music and dance through singing, instrumental music, dancing and storytelling, using a step-by-step process for audiences of all ages.

Speak Easy - $650
The Big Easy 2014
Storytelling festival.

St. Joseph Montessori School - $1,000
What A Wonderful World!
Service learning project for St. Joseph students.

The Spirituality Network - $500
Arti Gras! Celebration of Art & Spirit
Annual event giving participants to explore their spirituality through creative activities.

2013 Round 2

Art Party Columbus - $500
Crest Fest
Neighborhood festival with artisans, crafters, and musicians.

Columbus Children's Choir - $900
Middle School Honors Chorus
Vocally gifted Columbus City Schools students will be selected to participate in a 10 week residency with instructors from the Columbus Children's Choir, culminating in performances at the CCC's annual Winter Concert, and the City of Columbus' Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast.

Columbus Cultural Arts Center - $1,000
You Call That Art? 100 Years of Contemporary Art - and Beyond
Exhibition inspired by 1913 New York Armory show.

Franklinton Arts District - $500
Urban Scrawl 2013
Arts festival promoting the East Franklinton neighborhood.

Greater Linden Development Corporation - $750
Linden Documentary Project
Continuation of an oral history project documenting the lives of Linden residents.

Highland West Neighbors Association - $750
GlenFest: a community celebration
Community celebration of music and the arts, with an emphasis on local talent.

Roy G Biv Gallery - $1,000
ImageOhio 14
Annual photography and video exhibition.

Summit on 16th United Methodist Church - $450
Winter Solstice Celebration 2013
Interfaith celebration of the winter season.

Urban Cultural Arts Foundation - $750
7th Annual African Village Arts Festival
Family-friendly festival in the near east side.


2013 Round 1

Columbus Santa Maria - $750
10th Annual Gospel Sail-a-bration: Destination Inspiration!
Outdoor festival celebrating gospel music.

Harrison West Jazz Stage - $750
Harrison West Jazz Stage
Summer concert series in Harrison Park.

Haven of Hope Cancer Foundation - $1,000
Healing Hope with Arts and Music
Series of creative arts workshops for cancer survivors.

New Albany Symphony Orchestra - $750
Beethoven 9
Symphony concert.

Special Events League "AH"leluia - $750
Jugha's Journey
Ballet based on the story of the prodigal son.

Tawi Family Village - $900
Community Celebration of Malcolm X
Celebration of the life and legacy of Malcolm X.

Westerville Symphony at Otterbein College - $900
2013 "Year of the Arts" Community Contribution Performance
Performance at the Westerville Music and Arts Festival.

Westgate Neighbors Association - $1,000
Westgate Arts in the Park
Free neighborhood festival showcasing artists and musicians living in the Hilltop neighborhood.